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Hybrid contacts:

Get the crisp vision of a hard contact with the comfort of a soft lens.

What are the benefits of a hybrid lens?

Clear and crisp vision – the gas-permeable center lens guarantees optimal vision all day. The center lens also removes the annoying rotaion and movement that can occur with toric lenses (astigmatism).

Comfort – the soft lens outer ring ensures all-day comfort.

The hybrid lens is also available for patients who require reading glasses for their current contacts, or for patients who have to decide between a clear distance view or clear near vision.

As always, these contact lenses also offer UV protection; blocking out harmful rays from the sun and protecting your valuable eyes.

Am I a good candidate for hybrid lenses?

Almost everyone can be an excellent candidate for hybrid lenses. However, these specialized lenses work particularly well for patients with:

Dry Eye

High Prescription

High Astigmatism

Presbyopia (difficulty focusing on near objects)

Combination of astigmatism and presbyopia – many soft contact lenses require patients and doctors to choose between correcting the astigmatism or giving patients better near vision.

Kurata Eyecare Center 200 South San Pedro St. Suite B Los Angeles, CA 90012 Phone: (213) 617-2020 Fax: (213) 617-3184

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