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Scleral Gas Permeable Lenses

What are the benefits?

These large-diameter gas permeable lenses offer the same advantages as the conventional hard lenses such as:
  • Sharper vision
  • Greater durability
  • Less risk of complication

The size also offers increased comfort particularly for sensitive eyes and irregularly shaped cornes.

Additionally, these lenses are perfect for sports and outdoor activities. The larger lens means the lens is less likely to accidentally dislodge from the eye and they are not susceptible to wind, dust, or the environment like soft lenses.

Am I a good candidate?

Generally, everyone interested in the benefits listed above are good candidates for scleral lenses. However these lenses have had excellent success for patients with:

Irregular corneas – Irregularly shaped corneas, either naturally occurring as in keratoconus or as a result of previous eye surgeries, can make it difficult for patients to be fit with glasses and soft contact lenses. Scleral lenses have been known to improve vision better than wearing glasses.

Difficult to fit eyes – Eyes are as unique as each individual patient and sometimes conventional hard lenses and newer soft lenses move around too much and just won’t settle. These larger lenses are perfect for getting the fit just right especially if you’re worried about your lenses falling out at inopportune moments.

Dry eyes – Depending on the climate and environment in which you live, you may have experienced how uncomfortable soft lenses can get when your eyes are dry. Scleral lenses have a space between the back of the lens and the front of your eye that acts as a tear reservoir keeping your eye moist and comfortable.

Readers – Patients who might have a high prescription (with or without an astigmatism) and who also desire to have the progressive bi-focal aspect in their contact lenses, benefit from the ability for hard lenses to provide crisp vision for a wide range of distances.

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